Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is in the air!!

What a gorgeous day today!!! Spent most of the day at the antique center. As soon as I arrived home, I could not wait to go outside and do the "walk around my yard" looking for signs of life!! If you love to garden, you know what I mean...I could already see the crocus from my kitchen window...filled me with joy from my toes to the little hairs on the back of my neck...but then there it was...a bud from a daffodil, just about to open..well I had to get my camera and investigate further...The lilacs are showing signs, the roses bushes and the hydrangea too!! The daylilies are also starting to peek through the leaves...OH!! I am so happy!!! Spring is finally in the air!! In the background...softly singing were the chickadees....the goldfish awake and looking for some is all starting.....Spring is finally in the air!!


Vintage Blue Studio said...

The pictures are so pretty! Today was so gorgeous! Even with my ouchies I got outside for awhile today and soaked in some sun.

UnqAntq said...

Thank you Diana!! I just love spring!! I love watching everything come to life again! Hope you are feeling better! GGGGRRRRR. It is raining again today!! I think will have to do something to bring some sunshine inside!! Have a wonderful day!!!!