Tuesday, March 9, 2010


OK..so here we go..my very first blog....I am so new to this world I really didn't not know where to start. I figured this was a good place. Somewhere I could express all the different sides of me all in one place.

I love antiques, I love crafting, I love art, and I love working in my garden. I mostly love combining them all together!!

Hence title page of my blog...Nouveaux Portmanteau (thank you, Lauren). Translation: A combination of different things all in one place. I am still having trouble pronoucing it, but I feel it was a perfect fit!!

So this was just a quick hello...I am off to the Antique Center where I have a booth..to paint the bathroom!! So this is most definitly to be continued........

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Anonymous said...

The newly painted bathroom sighed as I opened the door and I think I heard it say thank you. Well deserved kudos.