Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have been pondering this question / statement for some time. Where does one get inspiration? It is a funny thing. To be inspired by the strangest things sometimes....

I was in a store and happened to look over at a wall and the light was hitting it just right. I saw an angel with it's wings spread out. I thought!! Wow!! I could make a frozen charlotte with something attached to her back!! That's great!!! Or, does it come from going to an art show and seeing other artists work. I leave feeling truly inspired. I can not wait to get home and start creating. But then, is that copying??? I am curious how other artists feel about that. Is being copied something they are proud of? (the best form of imitation) or would they rather someone not, and just buy they're art. But as an artist do they understand, that we want to have the feeling of creating and finishing something of our own, with our own take on it??

Another question!! Do you find this happens to you? TOO MANY inspirations at one time!! I find it overwhelming at times!! I have so many aspirations for things to create..How does one choose!!

Inspiration comes in many forms. I am curious too...where do you get your inspiration from???  Could it be a dream....a stroll in the park, reading a magazine, the way two pieces of something fall to the floor, a conversation, a book, or even walking through a local art supply store.

Well, I have an inspiration in mind. A project if you will....but need to be further inspired to actually finish this project. So off I go!! To the local Michael's and A.C. Moore!!
Wish me luck...Hopefully I will be inspired enough to finish my project!!! with photo's to follow!!!
Would love to hear from you on this subject!!