Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bakery this way....

Ok.. so it is late afternoon, early evening and I am driving around.. and I have this overwhelming feeling I need something sweet... Did that ever happen to you?? I know it has... when you become obsessed... you really have to have something sweet, but you just don't know what... so your mind starts to race... thinking what are you going to have... hmmmm.. should I stop at a quick check and get a candy bar... or m&m's....Nah.. that's not what I want...hmmmm... should I go to the local supermarket and pick up ice cream.. no that's not what I am in the mood for either... hmmmm... THEN THERE IT IS.. A sign from above.... or should I say.. A sign on the side of a building.....

My truck came to a screeching halt!!
 And in the lot I turned.. .
Hmmmm... Amazingly Delicious!!
Vegan and Gluten Free!
I had to try it!
Now as I turned the corner 
 I was welcomed by a warm inviting store front.
Sorta that old town feeling where you feel
all warm and fuzzy inside..
I know you know what I mean.....
I couldn't wait to get inside!!
The bakery happens to be run by very good friends of mine
Lisa and Anthony!!
They had just moved from their Keyport location to Matawan...
Papa Ganache
106 Main Street
Matawan, NJ 

 The decor is very inviting..
In keeping with the "green" feeling,
 they used antique sewing machines as table bases
and antique chalk boards as menus.
How cool is this collection of antique baking tins covering the wall!

Now to the important stuff... heehee!!
The menu...
Hmmm what to choose... what to choose...
They have cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and specialty items...
100 % vegan

I "settled" on the Peanut Butter cup 
 (this photo borrowed from papa ganache website)
and then "devoured"  the Banana Split!!
 (this photo borrowed from papa ganache website)
Hey... they were mini's alright!! Don't Judge!!
Ok.. So I had to take a dozen with me as well so all my buddies at the Antique shop could try them the next day!!
I swear!! I brought them all there!! wink wink!!
(this photo borrowed from papa ganache website)
Their APPLE PIE PIZZA was a huge hit with the Antique Crew!!!
I would also like to mention, they are offering light lunches as well and the menu looks delicious!
 I cant wait to try Lisa's.. Mac N' Cheese!! and the Butternut Squash Soup!! Yummy!!
I highly recommend you check out their FB page!! It will make your mouth water and your tummy do the happy dance!!
Papa Ganache
106 Main Street
Matawan, NJ 
About them:
(Taken from the Papa Ganache Website)
Papa Ganache is a vegan bakery offering amazingly delicious vegan and wheat free treats baked in small batches that are heart healthy, cholesterol free, no trans fat, no hydrogenated oil, no high fructose corn syrup, dairy free, egg free, all natural, no preservatives, no animal products and mostly organic.
Papa Ganache is %100 Vegan, 100% of the time. We offer numerous wheat free products, and although we could call them gluten free we don’t because we share a kitchen with our glutenous friend flour and for those of you who have significant health and medical issues involving gluten, we want you to know that despite our efforts, diligence and commitment to processing and handling materials, we do share equipment with flour, nuts and soy. If you have an inquiring mind and want to know, we sweeten our baked goods with agave nectar and organic, evaporated cane juice, and for sugar free items we use Xylitol which is a natural sweetener from our friend the birch tree.
We are forever creating new and exciting, amazingly delicious vegan treats, so give a call to check out our newest culinary efforts.