Thursday, August 11, 2011

What does MY bathroom and Jenny & Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday have in common??

 What does MY bathroom and...
 Jenny & Aaron, from
 have in common??

Well, in order to answer this question properly,
I will need to go back a couple of months......
It was one early morning I was startled by the sound of dripping water.... I went downstairs and much to our dismay there was a HUGE leak in our bathroom ceiling.....
We immediately called the plumber. He had to remove part of the ceiling to get to the pipes. 

By the time he was done, just about the entire ceiling had to be removed. A pipe had burst behind the tile in the tub surround area.... This was not good!!! 

So here we are in the midst of a very unexpected and untimely bathroom redo...Now keep in mind, that I had just painted the bathroom in dark brown and blue, and bought all new curtains, towels, etc.... less then a year before...
Decision time!! I have to now replace all the walls, floor, tub, & I go back to what I just did?? or ... even better totally go for a whole new look.... As mentioned I was not prepared to have to take on such a task, financially or mentally. But in the end we decided to go for it...
The only problem for the first time in our 25 years together my husband was actually voicing a very strong opinion on what he wanted and didn't want in "his" bathroom!! I think his exact words were.... "I am taking a stand for all men!!" When did this happen?? I have not been on my toes... to allow for this to happen! lol!! Let me tell you a husband with a decorating opinion can be nothing but trouble!!! For months all I was hearing was no, nope, not that!!!
Even Jose' the tile guy,
was starting to listen to HIM!!

by the way...that IS a halo over his head!!
 In the end, he did a phenomenal job!!

At this point you are probably asking about Jenny and Aaron, from Everyday is a Holiday!!
First I need to say, my house is decorated very french country farmhouse, victorian... in the darker tones... So when this idea popped in my very opinionated husband, so ooooohhhh noooo!! But I said, I am taking a stand too!!! HA!! 
The inspiration:

I saw this and fell in love!!!
I had to have it!!
I have always admired Jenny and Aaron's Art, but just didn't know where I could fit it in my home...
So here was my opportunity!
Now the trick was to make my husband happy and not make the bathroom too after some very very long months... of buying and returning just about everything from the home improvements store...

This isn't a very good picture,
you get the idea of the colors it was before !!

and... this is how it came out!!

As you can see, I ended up buying several pieces of artwork from them.. It was very difficult to choose. I love all their pieces... You can be sure I will be going back for some more!!! 
click on this link & it will take you right to their shop!!

I found these towel hooks from Anthropologie!!
Love them!!

Isn't this a neat idea!!
 I used a depression glass drawer knob
 for a picture hanger!!
 Also from Anthropologie!!

Shower curtain is from Target!! I was going to sew one, but when I saw this,
I thought it was just perfect!! Don't you agree!!

I nabbed this antique porcelain pitcher from the
Antique Shop for only $5.00

I am sooo pleased with the final result!
My newly opinionated husband is just as happy!! I smile every time I go in there and look at all the wonderful touches.
 Now I need to mention this last little thing....
In case you hadn't already noticed this....

peeking out on the side of the sink is a
Creating Vintage Charm magazine! and speaking of..
  Sonia at Creating Vintage Charm is having a giveaway...pop on over to her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win.
I have all the issues.. and am constantly looking through them for inspiration.  The summer issue is now available. I can not wait to see it!!!