Thursday, September 30, 2010

Better late than never!!! Summer Wrap up!!

So what a crazy busy summer!! I have been putting this off long enough, so here it goes...

Family Reunion!!
This July literally began with a bang!!! Our Canadian family arrived July 1, 2010. All 21 of them!! We had the best time ever!!!  This year they stayed longer than usual which allowed for lots of shopping, site seeing and parties!!

And of course... there is always time for a pedicure!!!


After everyone from Canada was time to get ready for our annual trip to Bouckville, NY... We stayed in a cabin on the lake. Shopped all day for interesting and unique antiques...And by night, we went fishing and had cocktails by the lake with friends.

Bouckville was so much fun...I did not want to go home....but I had to....
I was going to Cape May the following weekend with some very special friends........

The weekend started at Bobby Flay's. The girls surprised us by setting the table in pink. There were pink tablecloths, pink napkins, two pink crepe paper birthday cakes!! and two paper cone party hats decorated for Marlene and I.
I can't remember a time where I felt so special!!!
Then back to my house, where gifts were exchanged.

I made my friend Marlene a Geisha Girl shadowbox..using a frozen charlotte doll and it even had a paper birthday cake and card. But best of all it had "Happy Birthday Marlene" in Japanese!!!

Then I gave her a antique inspired Geisha girl paper mask....We all laughed so much when she put it on, my husband came inside and closed all the windows!! It was perfect!!!

Grace, from had a very special apron made for Marlene. The picture isn't the best here but it really was spectacular in person and Marlene loved it!!!

The girls gave me lots and lots of goodies....Each gift was more special than the next...I am so lucky to have made these girls as my friends....The night ended early!! After all...we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow!! We were heading off to Cape May....but first!! I had made up some treat bags for everyone...heeheheee...

First thing in the am we met at my house!! and all five of us piled in Marlene's car...Poor Grace, Bev and Sandi...squished in the back seat!!

First stop was to visit Marlene's potential new home....Honeycomb cottage in Cape May..Equipped with picket fence and a barn in the back yard!!


After our visit to the house we headed into town where we shopped around and saw some interesting things from cute to creepy.  

Marlene wanted to go here from lunch (I wonder why) ......

But the girls had yet another surprise waiting for us at another place....

We had lunch at a wonderful Victorian mansion and Grace called ahead and had them make two birthday cakes. If that wasn't enough!! she also made us goodie bags...which had lots of fun things...Fabric bags with bathing beauties  printed cape may 2010 and each beauty had our name over her!! PINK sunglasses and pink blinking light rings!!

After lunch we walked around town and looked at all the gorgeous Victorian homes....These were some of my favorites..


We were all tired so we piled in the car and started our journey home..
In the car we had some wonderful girl talk and reflected back on our wonderful day..  I thought about what a wonderful way to end the wait...this was the end of the summer really!!! I could not have asked for anything better.. I can not think back to a time that I had some fun girlfriend time. I am very grateful for my new friends...Grace, Marlene, Sandi and Beverly!!  I can't wait to see what our next adventure together will be!!!!

Thank you to all my friends and family for making my summer of 2010 the best summer I have ever had!!