Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catching UP!! It has been a couple of days...since I started this..Been very busy..glueing (is that how you spell that?) and glittering!!! I have been very inspired..I would like to thank Lisa K. for that!! (Thank you) The slideshow is the result of my reclusive weekend.  My goal is to try to incorporate all the things I love most into my art.  I think that I accomplished this with my new lovelies!!! Hope you enjoy!!

Now, back to the antique center....yes!! I think I heard the bathroom say thank you! too!!! It was way overdue!! Amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do!! Next is the floor!

I really feel the need to tell you more about myself...but find that it is 11:00 pm and a very long day for now...thank you for stopping by....hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my world, even if just for a moment!!!

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