Sunday, March 28, 2010

Art Opera

Well it less than two weeks!!! The word on the street is, this is going to be an affair to remember!!! Everyone I talk to knows about it!!!! So looking  forward to it!!! They coined the phrase.."are you excited yet"!! OMG!! Are we!!! The surprises Lisa has in store are incredible!! She has worked so hard!! To make this a special event for all involved!! The dinner, the classes, the vendor faire..Each and evey event has been thought out with the smallest detail considered..So if you are in the area, you HAVE to check it out....go to the website: and sign up for something. If you stop by the antique center over the weekend, or check out my website for event information  we will be hosting a free workshop discussing how to use antiques in art. For all of you who have a craft room!! This would be the perfect opportunity to find useful function of antique pc's that you can incorporate into your room. At very reasonable prices too! The weekend of April 9th through the 11th, we will have alot going on. Not only at our shop but the entire Antique Discrict.
Friday night, April 7th. 7pm on..... For Art Opera Attendees only!! Private Party!! Private shopping event, gift certificate and other giveaways, lite fare and mentioned this is a private party by invite only!!! How do you get an invitation?? go online to and sign up for a class or buy tickets to the vendor faire, so you can attend our event.
Saturday & Sunday, April 10th & 11th. 11:00am-5pm. Spring Fling!!! The Antique Shop and District is having lots of food, refreshments and sales, some with discounts up to 30% off merchandise!! There also will be workshops. Monmouth Antiques will hold our workshop Saturday, April 10th at 12:30pm.
Carla Gizzi and Plum Cottage will also be hosting workshops. Check with each one for their schedule. Hope to see you all there, this is going to be a very exciting event!!! Gotta go back to getting ready!!!! have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

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Cheryl I love this wand! She is so cute. Grace