Monday, December 12, 2011

Apron Swap results

My husband thought I was crazy to host this swap this time of year!! But I say otherwise!!  What could be better than receiving packages in the mail every day full of fun surprises!! 
I also figured because it was this time of year, It would be a small yet manageable swap!! 

So first things first!! I HAD to make each participant a gift... Hmmmm... what was I going to make.. I thought! a TOTE!! Better yet... a festive tote so they could use it for shopping lists.. etc... only this time of year!! So that's what I did..

Here they are!!

I can not wait until the ladies see these!! I hope they like them!!! 

* * * * * * * * * * 

I am so happy I hosted this apron swap!! All the "player's" have made it so much fun!! Everyone was so creative as you will see from the photo's below!! Every time, I opened a new package, I screamed with excitement!! I wanted to keep every single apron.. Each one different in their own way, but just as beautiful as the next!! I couldn't image a better group of girls to participate in the swap!! 

so here it is.... The results of the Apron Swap!!

First up, is my apron. I used lots and lots of layers of lace and a beautiful satin damask fabric as the base. I made a pocket and embellished it with a flower I dyed to match. I included some little extra gifts, a brass letter, some old sheet music and book page. A vintage postcard and necklace. I also included a soldered Christmas Ornament. I hope the recipient is happy!!! 

Betti, Betti, Betti!! WOW!! and OMG! Was what I said when I opened the package!! Top part is a pink salmon colored satin taffeta. The "Toast the Host" is hand painted on and then she used a sparkle fabric for the lettering!!! The skirt is a martini pattern. I also love the 2 different color tulle at the bottom!! 
Just over the top fabulous!!
 Thank you Betti!!!

Susi's apron is made from vintage linen fabric. I just love the black polka dot ornaments she made for pockets. The red bows are so festive and the pom pom fringe on the skirts bottom are the perfect finishing touch!! I am a classic black and white person!! I think as the host I should be able to keep two!! Don't ya think?? Heehee!! Speaking of host! Susi made me this incredible hand dyed ink journal!! One page is better than the next!! 
I just love it!! 
Thank you Susi!!

This is Marian's Apron. Reminds me of the Grinch who stole Christmas.. The apron is has wonderful sewn on candy canes and snowflakes!! Marian also kindly sent me a hostess gift, which is a handmade ornament, by her. It is now hanging on my tree!! 
Thank you Marian!! 

OHH! Mizz Bee!! What can one say! Just as adorable as can bee!! Marlene, poured her heart and soul into this apron.. She used a quilted satin fabric for the sides of the apron and she made her cute snowman with all vintage doilies. To add a festive touch she then covered the apron with a sparkled tulle.. I think I have the perfect recipient for this one!! heeeheee!! 

Beverly's apron is simple yet CLASSIC!! But if you really look, it has gorgeous details!! She started with a  vintage tuxedo shirt which she deconstructed to use as the apron top. Then she added some beautiful vintage earrings as button with a flower base so they pop!! The skirt fabric is an incredible rose motif throughout the entire piece!! The waistband is a beautiful white lace!! She also made a matching hand towel and hot pad for the lucky recipient And that gorgeous pumpkin fabric is my hostess gift from her to me... Hmmm. I think I will make a Halloween Apron from it! 
What do you think!! 
Thank you Beverly!!

MINE! is what I squealed when I opened Heidi's packaged!! She used a beautiful combination of vintage fabric's. I love it all, from the chenille Christmas tree with buttons, and vintage pin as the tree topper, to the vintage damask ruffled bottom. The pocket is made with trims and fabric from old linens as well. Heidi also included a beautiful package full of vintage fun goodies for the recipient and a handmade hand towel and a vintage sewing apparatus with a thimble as a hostess gift for me!!! 
Thank you Heidi!! 

I laughed when I received Carla's! (In a good way!! )
She was sooo worried! I WAS NOT! Carla's apron is done in beautiful colors of orange and white polka dots. She hand stitched antique lace accents all over. She then added antique ribbon trim and beads. All hand sewn. Then She added a beautiful antique gold adorned trinket that she made herself!! Thank you Carla!!! 

oops! Mizz Bee! You did it again!! To quote Brittney Spears, that is!! hee hee!! Boy you have been a buzy bee!! Marlene submitted 2 aprons... and she definitely put just as much creativity in this apron as the first! I can see the recipient of this one in pink high heels, serving pink Cosmo's.. 
you can see it too.. right!! 
She made the tree from  from individual strips of fabric and added for the ornaments, topped off with a vintage embellishment for the star. The apron is finished with glitter ribbon. Marlene also included some candy and my favorite malt balls as a hostess gift with this apron!! 

Kelly's apron is just as cute as can be... Old fashioned 50's apron!! She used a netting as the apron skirt. Then she sewed on the most adorable felt applique's each adorned with a bit of whimsical tidbits... I love the satin tie and rick rack trim!! Thank you Kelly!! 


I have to say it again!! WOWIE! Thank you ladies for your participation in this swap!! I am so happy to have hosted it!! I am already looking to do another!! But not just yet!! I am going to enjoy my apron choice and relax for just a bit... I picked each apron recipient with alot of thought and hope that you are all happy with my choices!!


C'est moi Claudette said...

Cheryl, those are AMAZING!!!
You all went over the top for this apron swap. What a great hostess you were. Those tots are adorable.
Your first swap and what a success. Congratulations.
Merry Christmas Cheryl.

Geralyn Gray said...

Cheryl, Excellent swap!!!!! I love how you featured pictures with everyone's aprons. They are all beautiful....I am sure all the swappers will be happy! It was fun to see what everyone created. I was lucky enough to see Carla's in person......great job every one!

susi said...

anyone would be my favorite! great swap cheryl! and the tote! you are a mean sewing machine(r)!thanks for inviting me.

Grace said...

How pretty they all are. The totes are really adorable. Did everyone get their swaps? They are going to flip. What a way to ring in the Holiday Season! Grace

Creative Wings Boutique said...

wow what a fabulous swap cheryl ....let me know when you have ur next swap cause i am sooo in... i just adore swaps.

Marlene ~ mIzZ (hONeY) bEe said...

Cheryl ....there are all sooo UNIQUE in a creative way, each has their own style too cool... everyone did an awesome job... thanks for hosting a great swap... can't wait to see who's I get... have a honey of a day ~ Marlene aka mIzz hONeY bEe ;O) xoxs

Heidi Meyer said...

Cheryl, this was so much fun!!! I am drooling over all of the adorable aprons!! The totes you made are beautiful!! You were so sweet to make them. Thank you for hosting such a fun and festive swap!! xxoo, Heidi

Tracy Boyle said...

Cheryl, I love looking at all the beauty and hardwork that everyone put into their aprons! What a beautiful swap!

Colleen said...

Wow they are all stunning! YOu did a fab job hosting!! I am sad I didn't play but I never would have had enough time to do one justice!! Next year if you do this again!!!! GREAT JOB everyone!!!!

maid marian said...

Cheryl, this was such a fun and amazing swap! You did a fantastic job hosting this swap. Please let me know when you host your next one. You can count me in! Hugs, Marian

Merry Christmas!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Carla Gizzi said...

Cheryl, what fun!! You did an amazing job with the swap...and i a thrilled i was a part of it. Thanks for all your hard work and for hosting us all. I can't wait for my package to arrive!! Merry Christmas to everyone!! xoxo

kslgoblue said...

Sorry to hold up the swap by my "slowness". I promise, at any other time of year I will me more prompt. Beautiful aprons and the totes are adorable. You really out-did yourself Cheryl. Love swapping! It forces me to take the time out to be creative even when I am swamped...and, as Martha says, "That's a good thing!" Happy holidays to all of my creative friends!!!!

bumblebee said...

Miz Cheryl, you really out did yourself! I loved how you posted everyones apron. They are all brilliant and I can't wait to see which one I get!.BTW i do have a lil hostess gift ready to mail you. I was just waiting till the day after xmas so you will get more goodies soon....keeps the holiday going and going.....I already know what I'm going to use my gift from you.... toting my iPad. Merriest of Holidays to you!
oxoxxoxxxooo bz

A Magical Whimsy said...

What fun! An apron swap...
Looks like every gal out-did themselves with their creativity.
Thank you for sharing the fabulous apron photos.
Maybe I'll get in on your next swap.
Thank you for coming over to my blog to become a follower.
Have a very lovely Holiday Season!
Teresa in California

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! And I am drooling over the stunning totes you made. They are 'over the moon' with embellishments~

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am so happy to have participated. My box is here waiting to be opened, but in the spirit of things I thought I would wait til Christmas. Now that I have seen everyone's, I am even more excited to know that one of those beauties is soon to be mine! I will be honored to get any one of them.

Happy holidays to all! And big hugs to Cheryl for hosting!


Beth Leintz said...

Hi, I found my way over here from Heidi Sugah Beez blog to see the aprons. What a great swap- so many creative aprons with so many different styles and colors. What a fun pre-Christmas swap!