Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My trip to Asheville, NC

Sometime ago last spring, my very bestest friend Grace from Pink in the City, and I signed up to attend a special event happening in Oct. called Once upon a dream, in Asheville, NC, hosted by Jennifer Hayslip from Sweet Eye Candy Creations.

 We were so excited to go.. and have been patiently waiting for the day to come...

 We signed up for some swaps. Grace &  I agreed we would only sign up for two, so as not to overwhelm ourselves.. A decision I would later regret...(more about that later) ;-}

The first swap was a Fairy Laurel. Hosted by The very talented Karla Nathan..
This excited me very much. I always wanted to make something like this. So I really put myself into this one. We had to make something a fairy would wear on her head in a woodland garden setting. I started with a crown I purchased from Sherry Baldy. Then I cut it down and added lots of antique millinery flowers, some mother of pearl antique stems, lined the inside with moss. I then added some Rhinestones, and glass beads. sprinkled it with fairy glitter dust. I added some butterflies too. I added some antique lace and a frozen charlotte with wings and a laurel of her own to the back. I made a carry case out of a vintage hatbox. Covered it in burlap. and added some antique lace and a brass stencil monogram letter C. I printed out the fairy name of my swap partner and added that to the top. I still felt like I needed more so I made a frozen charlotte fairy to a ribbon spool covered in sheet music paper, and set that inside the crown. I also filled a bag of goodies with antique findings, etc..

 This is my fairy laurel....

Swap number 2 was a fairy shoe. Hosted by the Sweetest Sherry Williams.
We had to take a shoe and make something a fairy would wear in the forest in soft shades of blue or cream. Then fill it with at least 10 items and display it beautifully. I used a wire shoe and filled it with a bunch vintage pearl necklace pc''s. I took antique lace, gathered it and hand sewed to to the outside rim all around the shoe, and added antique peal buttons around the lace and down the front. I made a miniature fairy with wings and added to the inside of the heal with moss and vintage millinery mushrooms. On the front I put huge feathers and added a millinery flower to the center. I then painted and glittered and decorated a basket and filled it with rhinestone tulle and added some antique trade cards, pictures, a frozen charlotte, a tintype, some antique lace, tinsel garland, antique pearl buttons, vintage jewelry, etc.. to the basket!!

 This is my shoe:

 Now that I am all done with my swaps, the only thing I can do is get my fingers and toes done....

OK! I'm ready!! Asheville.. Here we come!!! whoo hoo!! 

 After the drama of them loosing my suitcase, bad continental! bad continental!! We decided to spend the day in town shopping and eating!! The weather was GORGEOUS! Perfect fall weather for the entire trip!

Fried Green Tomato's

Local goat  cheese!!

A butternut squash pizza??

Apple Cider Martini!!

Yummy Cupcakes


Beer Sampler!! mmmmmm!!
 We headed back to the hotel and decorated our rooms later that night! All in pink of course!! I made banners with our names on them, and bought us some pink fluffy blankets. Grace bought garlands and pink lights to also hang on the beds. She had these beautiful pillowcases, pink of course!!, made with our names and once upon a dream artwork done by the very talented Pamela Huntington. We even decorated the bathroom with pink rugs, towels and Grace bought PINK TOILET PAPER!! Haaha!
 We felt like pink princess's!!

The view from our hotel room!!

 We then headed over to a local place for dinner! Loved it!!

 Thursday afternoon, we met the wonderful Claudette from Pink, Poodles and Pearls.

 As all the ladies from the event started arriving, it was so nice to meet all these wonderful women, with whom blogs I have read, in person. Everyone was so lovely!!

Grace and Hope

Andrea, Natasha and Tiffany

Grace, Marion and Rebecca 


The Sweetest Amy Powers

 The next couple of days we spent crafting. All the events we attended were just over the top beautiful! When you walked through and entered each event, you felt like you were in a fantasy. She really thought of every last detail. 

 This is the first craft we made a Prize Ribbon Sprite
Class by Karla Nathan

And here is the bracelet I made!
My very first one! I am so proud!!

This is the Mid Summer's Mobile
Class by Natasha Burns

And last but not least the Dream Fairy Cloche.
Class by Dee Foust

 After a couple of days crafting and meeting some wonderful ladies, we headed over to the Biltmore. WOW! is all I can say about that. You were not allowed to photograph inside but it was just incredible.
 After the Biltmore, we headed over to the winery for lunch and then back to the hotel to prepare for the swaps. My swap partner for the laurel was Cheryl Mylar Stoneham! Such a lovely and talented lady!! I absolutely adore the laurel she made for me.
 I have found the perfect spot for it and will treasure it for years to come!!!

 The shoe was a blind swap. We drew numbers and coincidentally I received the shoe from the same lady who received my shoe. This was her shoe... It was filled with all sorts of goodies!!! 

 After our swap exchanges, we decided to head back to the hotel get all kinds of comfy,
have a quick dinner and early night.

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Kirchner Dixon  - The Fancy Farmgirl Photography
 Thank you Jenn for a wonderful memorable event.

 Thank you Grace for being such a good friend 
and sharing this with me!!

 OH!! I almost forgot!! The decision I regretted!! Remember! So there was this apron swap, which I did not join!! WOW! Some of the aprons I saw on this swap were just GORGEOUS!! I really regretted not joining in on that swap!!

Soooooooooo, I have been inspired!!


 How wonderful would it be to make and receive a FESTIVE HOLIDAY INSPIRED APRON!!
 This will be a ONE for ONE swap.
 You will make an apron, preferably vintage holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.) inspired, and receive one in return.
Sign up deadline is Nov. 11.
Email me directly at: you can also, leave a message here or on my facebook page to sign up. I will need your mailing address and email address. I will provide you with mine. DEADLINE for ME receiving your apron is DEC. 12. This way, I can photograph, and resend out the apron so that it is received before the holiday.
 Please include with each apron $5.00. This cost is to cover return postal mailing fees. If you would like to include "xtra items" with your apron, please make sure they will fit in a small mailing box.
Please also include your name, address, email, and blog, website with the apron you send me

This is going to be sooo much fun!! I can not wait to see what everyone comes up with!!
Remember! You can do whatever you want!! Just keep it festive!!
I have already started making mine!!!


C'est moi Claudette said...

Hi Cheryl
It was a pleasure meeting you and your BFF GracE.
I'm glad I get to see your laurel and your pretty shoe here on your blog. You girls rocked it.
LOVE your rooms all decked out in PINK.
I hope you don't mind me taking the pic of the 3 of us. I don't have one of you and I and GracE.
I must ask you. Why Nouveaux Portmanteau? i know what it means, but was wondering why this name for your blog? Just curious, that's all.
Happy Nov. Cheryl.
Love Claudie

Creative Wings Boutique said...

looks like you had a marvelous time

Grace said...

Wow you are done and I am still posting stuff on Asheville. Great breakdown! lol I loved your laurel crown and shoe was sweet. It was so awesome sharing this experience with you. For a Virgin you did great and so very happy that we can both laugh and let things go. hahaha You are so talented. Love you lots Grace xooox

Sugah Beez said...

Oh my goodness, your hotel room was to die for!!! I am so glad to have finally met Grace. To meet you too was like the icing on the pink cuppy cake, lol. It was such a blast to spend the weekend with you! Cheers to more retreats and swaps in the future!

Carla Gizzi said...

Thanks for sharing Cheryl, the photos are all fabulous! i loved that i got to see your magical creations, looked your crown!! you are so talented for sure. :) and it looks like a wonderful time was had by all. and great memories for you and Grace!! xoxo

Fleur de Bee said...

LOVE your post!!!! May I please borrow the photo you took from your hotel room since mine was the same and I forgot to take a shot? Please :)

You are such a beautiful person inside and out! So happy we met and I look forward to hanging out again!!


Nann from At Nann's Table said...

What a wonderful blog post. And what a wonderful trip. Loved your pictures and all the beautiful things you made for the swaps. Everything you made was simply stunning. You are my kind of crafter. One of these fine days I hope to be able to go to one of these. It looked like such a fabulous event with fabulous people.

I sure have enjoyed doing this Valentine 2012 swap. It was so much work but so rewarding. I forgot just how fun it is to let your mind go and just create. And I am so delighted how it turned out. Thankyou for doing it Cheryl.